From Query to Agent

For years, I’ve dreamed of having a literary agent to represent my work. I’m pleased to announce that day has arrived. I thought I’d share some highlights from my experience to hopefully encourage someone out there who has been at it a while. For the record, I’ve been at it for nearly 28 years. MyContinue reading “From Query to Agent”

Attic Remodel Before and After Photos

When we bought our house last year we considered finishing the attic. The builder estimated it would cost around $37K. My reaction was a strong nope. I bid the job with two other contractors and each one came in around $30K. Still too high. We decided to shelf the idea. Then 2020 went off theContinue reading “Attic Remodel Before and After Photos”

Processing Rejection in the Time of Covid

It’s been quite a year. Right?  On top of a global pandemic, the continued oppression of black people in our country, murder hornets and earthquakes in diverse places, I’m turning fifty years old in ten days. Yes, I have a countdown going. These past six months, I’ve had a cacophony of mixed emotions over soContinue reading “Processing Rejection in the Time of Covid”

Knock, Knock

Over two months ago, I began the grueling agent querying process for the forth time in my writing career and let me tell you, it never gets easier. In fact, it gets more brutal. I’m not sure what’s worse, the onslaught of form letters from agents passing on your work or crickets. On top ofContinue reading “Knock, Knock”

Writer’s Statement

Throughout 2019, I repeatedly told my husband that something didn’t feel right. Like something really big was coming. I badgered him for months about leaving Los Angeles. Fortunately, I married a good man who took my intuition seriously. I put together a solid plan of action. We sold our place, bought a new one andContinue reading “Writer’s Statement”

Adventures in Query Letters

A year ago I made the decision to step away from self-publishing. After four years and sixteen novels, I was burnt to a crisp. It was fun for a little while, especially when I was bringing in money. Who doesn’t love money? I will never step away from writing because that would be suicide toContinue reading “Adventures in Query Letters”