Writing feels right

When I’m writing a new story, I collect images to give me inspiration. This one cracks me up because of how I’ve incorporated it into my current manuscript.

It’s taken a while to get back to a story I fully love and want to spend time with. It’s the first time I’m writing without an outline and I’ve never felt so free. My characters have a mind of their own! And it turns out they’re just as nuts as me. 😜

This morning as I scribbled out my morning pages before working on the actual story, I had some deep healing and encouragement. There’s so much noise in my head telling me lies that keep me from doing what I enjoy so dearly, which is writing stories. When I’m able to flush out all of the junk, it’s easier to get to the truth.

I write because I love it. Because I feel joy when I create characters. Because writing feels right in my soul.

I strive to keep my focus on those truths. They’re far more inspiring than the lies.

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Fiction author for young readers.

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